Free Financial Estate Planning Event for Women -
Free Financial Estate Planning Event for Women -

A Free Financial and Estate Planning Event Designed Especially for Women

As women, we tend to spend much of our time caring for others. Planning ahead for life’s inevitable rough spots is one of the best ways we can care for ourselves and the ones we love.

Free Financial Estate Planning Event for Women -

Thursday, May 6, 2021

11:30 am – 1:00 pm


Virtual Event

This event is led by local female professionals who will guide us through tools women need to successfully plan for our future.


Free Financial Estate Planning Event for Women - Collier Law
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Free Financial Estate Planning Event for Women -

Managing Financial Transition

From inheritances and divorce to insurance settlements and retirement payouts, women will likely experience several large financial transitions in their lives. For some, these events are relatively stress-free. But for most, a big change in finances without a plan can result in preventable mistakes. We’ll discuss the process that you should take when experiencing one of these transitional (and often, transformational) events.


What Type of Legacy Are You Leaving?

We all know the saying, “You can’t take it with you.” We’ll discuss the unique role women play in personal and community philanthropy. How do we model giving to our children, our community and our community? Learn how focused philanthropy can enrich your life while you live it and leave a lasting legacy for the family and community we love.


Preserving Your Most Treasured Asset: Your Family

As some point, all of us will navigate the decline and death of a spouse, loved one or parent. This part of life can be a tremendous opportunity to bring friends and families together to bond in ways that focus on treasured memories and quality time. Without proper planning, these times can also be filled with unnecessary arguments, misunderstandings and expensive last minute estate planning and stress. Learn what specific strategies are the most important in making your estate plan work for you and your family’s harmony.


Protecting and Empowering Your Wealth

As women, we are faced with two stark facts: 1) we are likely to outlive our partner (typically by 7 years), and 2) our wealth can empower us to do something incredible, if only we plan for it. Understanding and managing financial security now can help ensure a confident future. Whether you are single, married, divorced or widowed, we’ll discuss tools to help you implement independence, security and empowerment.

Katherine Keppel, CFP®, CLU®

The H Group, Inc.

As a Certified Financial Planner™, Katherine focuses her work on life transition.

Whether it’s through marriage or divorce, career changes or retirement planning, the creation of a family or the loss of a loved one, she is humbled to serve as a constant for her client families. Helping someone envision, develop and sustain the life they want to have is the most rewarding part of her career. In her role as a mother and a daughter, empowering women has always been a passion and a privilege for Katherine.

Stephanie Palmblad, Attorney

Collier Law

Stephanie’s passion is working together with clients to create carefully crafted estate plans which meet their specific goals and needs.

As an estate planning and probate attorney, Stephanie is able to the bring peace and confidence to her clients that comes with knowing their affairs are in order in the event of lost capacity or on passing. She walks with families through probate processes with experience and compassion. When not involved with her clients and her community, Stephanie enjoys musical theater and spending time with her wonderful husband and daughter.

Melissa Lindley

Willamette Valley Hospice

Melissa has been providing end-of-life education in the mid-valley for over 11 years.

As a Community Outreach Coordinator, she offers complimentary advance directive workshops to community groups and enjoys facilitating conversations about hospice & palliative care, grief & loss, and other end of life issues. Melissa is passionate about helping women plan ahead to make the rough times in life a little bit easier.